Rack Rental

We understand the necessity of hands-on practice needed in order to pass the Cisco Certification exams. That is why we are offering a practical and reasonably priced way for you to have access to real Cisco devices. All our devices are new, fast, and reliable with up to date IOS images and software. There is no sacrifice in quality for price when renting from us.

In our lab, you will have access to the real hardware you’ll need to practice with to pass Cisco certification exams such as the CCNA, CCNP, CCDA, CCDP, Routing & Switching etc.. We give you the keys to obtaining a successful CCNP and CCNA certification. Our goal is to give you 100% customer satisfaction and to provide you with up to date, high-end lab equipment for every session that you book. Each rack includes new routers, switches, IPS and firewalls. Aside from the reasonable prices we give you, you will be accommodated by our friendly staff that are technically inclined and committed to providing excellent customer service.

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