Design and Engineering Peer Review

DCS typically designs, engineers and prepares construction documents in-house for mission-critical projects. However, if our plan set is not incorporated into the master facility plan set, then we are flexible and will serve in important complimentary roles, including peer review, for a range of significant projects.

For example, if we are not the architect (A/E) of record, then DCS, serving in a peer capacity, will review the construction documents prepared by the A/E and provide written comments at the 35%, 65%, and/or 95% completion intervals to assure total compliance with the approved design program and conceptual design.

The goal with our peer review services is to serve you as the Client Advocate and mission-critical design and engineering expert to ensure the project meets the client's goals. This is a valuable and important service with projects where the mission-critical area is a smaller part of an overall larger facility design and your design team may not have the necessary expertise in designing a data center.

DCS peer review is an excellent and valuable offering if others have or will design your entire facility for continuity of design or relationship purposes and yet you require a mission-critical design expert on the design team.