Introduction to Routers and Routing

Static Routing

Router on a Stick

Inter-VLAN Routing

How to configure DHCP Server

DHCP Relay Agent

Distance Vector Routing Protocols

Administrative Distance

Classful vs Classless Routing Protocols

CEF (Cisco Express Forwarding)

Cisco IOS “Show Interface” Explained

Introduction to Route Summarization

Unit 6: Gateway Redundancy

Introduction to Gateway Redundancy

Hot Standby Routing Protocol

Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol

Gateway Load Balancing Protocol

Unit 7: EIGRP (Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol)

Introduction to EIGRP

EIGRP Neighbor and Topology Tables

EIGRP Configuration

EIGRP Static Neighbor

EIGRP Authentication

EIGRP Passive Interface

EIGRP Summarization

EIGRP Auto-Summary

EIGRP Unequal Load Balancing

How to Configure EIGRP Unequal Load Balancing

EIGRP Default Network Route

Unit 8: OSPF (Open Shortest Path First)

Introduction to OSPF

How to configure OSPF

OSPF Reference Bandwidth

OSPF Router ID

OSPF DR/BDR Election

OSPF Plain Text Authentication

OSPF MD5 Authentication

OSPF Default Route

OSPF Passive Interface

OSPF Hello and Dead Interval


Unit 9: Security

Introduction to Access-Lists

Wildcard Bits

Standard Access-List

Extended Access-List

Cisco IOS Time Based Access-List

Infrastructure Access-List

IPsec (Internet Protocol Security)

802.1x Authentication

Unit 10: NAT (Network Address Translation)

Introduction to NAT and PAT

How to configure Static NAT

How to configure Dynamic NAT

How to configure PAT

Unit 11: Wide Area Networks

Introduction to HDLC

Introduction to PPP

PPPoE Server

Introduction to Frame-Relay

How to configure Frame-Relay Point-to-Multipoint

How to configure Frame-Relay Point-to-Point

EIGRP over Frame-Relay

Unit 12: IPv6

Introduction to IPv6

Shortening IPv6 Addresses

How to find the IPv6 prefix

IPv6 Address Types

IPv6 Address Assignment Example

IPv6 EUI-64 explained

IPv6 Summarization Example

IPv6 Solicited Node Multicast Address

IPv6 Neighbor Discovery Protocol

IPv6 Stateless Autoconfiguration

How to configure DHCPv6 Server

How to configure IPv6 Static Routing

How to configure IPv6 RIPNG

How to configure IPv6 EIGRP

How to configure IPv6 OSPF

OSPFv3 Authentication and Encryption

IPv6 Access-list on Cisco IOS

Unit 13: Network Management

Telnet Server and Client

SSH Server and Client

How to configure Login Banners

Password Recovery on Cisco IOS Router

CDP (Cisco Discovery Protocol)

LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol)

Upgrade Cisco IOS Bootstrap Code

NTP (Network Time Protocol)

Introduction to SNMP

How to configure SNMPv2 on Cisco IOS router

How to configure SNMPv3 on Cisco IOS router


Cisco NetFlow

IOS Licensing