Product Development

DCS has worked on many engineering projects. We have been a user of AUTOCAD since versions 2.5 to 13. We are well versed in custom programming C-shell, Perl, Unix, LISP, menu development, and general use. DCS's experience has included work with government systems, aerospace life support systems, electro-mechanical products, computer peripherals, tunnel boring, down hole drilling, medical systems, machine tools, unmanned machines, lathe laser heat treating systems, machines with computer and programmable controllers, and pressure test and assembly fixtures.

We are well experienced in modeling and analyzing both static and dynamic mechanical structures. DCS has gained considerable expertise in the use of software for performing finite element analysis and modeling mechanical systems. We have consulted in the areas of computer-aided design, drafting, and manufacturing (CAD/CAM). DCS also has experience in the evaluation and acquisition of computer hardware and software, programming, training, usage, and maintenance.

DCS has used computers in design work since 1978. Our background includes customized programming in Fortran, C-Shell, Perl, Visual Basic QuickBasic, and Pascal. We have used CAD programs, Auto-Trol, AutoCAD, and Pro Engineer. We have also worked with Analysis Programs, Mechanica, Ansys, Cosmos/M, SAP, and Nastran. DCS has set up and managed several CAD departments. We have expertise in creating standards and guidelines for engineering departments. DCS has been instrumental at his present company in introducing paperless or near paperless design and manufacturing. We have started and managed several CAD departments.

DCS has had experience in analyzing a wide range of structures. These range from tunneling electronics packaging to aerospace structures, X-ray equipment, torpedoes, exercise equipment, and seats. We have analyzed this diverse collection of structures using both state-of-the-art finite element analysis methods and the hand-held calculator.